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Landlord Information


Batemans Bay Real Estate maintain a professional property management service, relieving the landlord of a time consuming activity, and the stress and pressures that can occur in managing their own property. We provide for the individual needs of landlords and we understand that by entrusting us with your most valuable asset it is our priority to attend to your property in a professional manner, keeping the landlord informed at all times and to assist in any decision making process. We are able to pay directly into a specified account and after disbursement, a statement is forwarded detailing all transactions, including any payments made on your behalf, and attached to the statement will be any original invoices.


A Vacant Property list is available to prospective tenants. The list features current and future vacant properties, providing a brief description of the property, availability, rental price per week and address. All vacant properties are advertised on our website at  and  which is updated regularly.

Tenant Criteria
Prospective tenants are required to complete a detailed application form and provide 100 points personal verification along with recent rental references, and/or personal references and employment details. We ensure that rental references are checked thoroughly, contacting previous landlords/agents to confirm rent was received on time, premises have been kept in a clean and tidy manner during the tenancy and that bond was refunded in full at the end of the tenancy. We check references and verify suitability.  Current employers are likewise contacted to establish background to the applicants character and reliability, as well as their employment stability.

When the applicants suitability has been established, it is then that we contact the landlord to make a recommendation and receive instructions. The ultimate decision is yours and we respect same.

Approved Tenant
After the tenant has been approved a commencement date is set between the agent and the tenant. The landlord is advised of this date.

One weeks rent is payable by the tenant as a holding deposit for the premises. (The holding deposit is non-refundable for the period of time the premises is held off the rental market). Alternatively, the holding deposit will be used as part of the two weeks rent due on commencement of the tenancy.

On commencement of the tenancy a Tenancy Lease stating tenancy period is signed by the tenant and Batemans Bay Real Estate and a bond of four (4) weeks rent (or if the premises is furnished six (6) weeks rent) is to be paid. This is then lodged with the Rental Bond Board until the end of the tenancy.

Two weeks rent is also required to be paid at the beginning of the tenancy to ensure that the tenant is two weeks in advance at all times.

You should note that the Residential Tenancies Act does not provide for tenants to enter into a new lease at the expiration of the term agreed. The tenant does continue to be bound by the covenants contained in the original lease, the only exception being the rental payable, which can be reviewed. Our experience is that most tenants prefer to sign a new lease for "peace of mind". We offer all tenants the option of signing another Tenancy Agreement, subject to Landlord approval.

Initial Inspections
Before the tenancy commences an Initial Inspection is carried out at the premises. A detailed Condition Report is completed which thoroughtly itemises the condition of the interior and the exterior of the premises and includes photographic evidence of the condition of the premises. On commencement the tenant is allowed 7 days to add any further details that may have been missed on the report. The report is then returned to our office and any additions by the tenant are checked and then signed by both parties. A copy of the report is given to the tenant for their records and the other kept on file in our office.

If the premises are furnished, a full inventory is compiled before the tenancy commences. The inventory is then signed by both parties, and a copy is given to the tenants for their records.

Rental Payments
We endeavour to look after your interests in the tenant selection process, by adhering to a firm policy of not accepting a tenant who does not meet stringent suitability criteria. Our policy has minimised any rental arrears.

Occasionally tenants do fall into arrears however. Should this occur a set procedure is instigated which includes the following:

  • 5 Days overdue: an overdue notice is forwarded (reminding the tenant of their obligations) and a reminder phone call is made.
  • 10 Days overdue: formal notification is forwarded. (advising that if the arrears are not paid within 5 days, a Notice to Vacate will be issued) a second reminder phone call is made.
  • 15 Days overdue: Notice to Vacate is issued and application made to the Residential Tenancies Tribunal seeking a hearing to obtain an Eviction Order. A third phone call is made explaining the process of vacating the premises.

Should the need arise for an application to be made to the Residential Tenancies Tribunal on your behalf, a charge of $30 for the Consumer Trader and Tenancy Tribunal fee and $30 per hour for Property Management attendance would apply to cover our attendance at the court and the application fee.

Routine Inspections
At Batemans Bay Real Estate we like to make sure that your property is being looked after. We consider inspections to be a preventative measure to limit any future problems. We conduct inspections every three (3) months. (Four [4] inspections per year being the maximum allowed under the Residential Tenancy Act). Landlords receive an inspection report from the Property Manager after each inspection detailing any maintenance required to keep the property in good condition and to be aware of any minor problems before they become major problems.

Repairs and Maintenance
We believe that repairs and maintenance by professionals is necessary for good property management. Requests from tenants for maintenance are to be put in writing of which a copy is kept on file. Whilst we engage a range of qualified tradespersons to attend, we are happy to use specific tradesperson as requested.

Final Inspection
When the tenant has vacated the premises at the end of a tenancy a final inspection is carried out. This is compared with the initial inspection (Condition Report) as prepared at the beginning of the tenancy.

The final inspection is carried out to ensure that the premises are left in the same condition as when the tenancy commenced (allowing for normal wear and tear).

If there is found to be any problems at the premises, the tenant is then notified to rectify them.

Bond Claim
After the final inspection is carried out and all is found to be in good order at the premises, the rental bond is then refunded to the tenant. If problems were found at the premises the bond is not refunded to the tenant until all is rectified and checked thoroughly by our agency, or alternatively any expenses incurred deducted from their bond.

Our Pledge
It is our pleasure to manage your property and we will ensure that procedures are carried out thoroughly and in a professional manner. Our role is to protect your peace of mind, giving you a worry free rental investment whilst keeping you well informed. We will endeavour to treat your property with the same care and diligence as our own. Entrust your property with Batemans Bay Real Estate we are "the team that cares".